My Reason For Starting This Podcast


"Cluster Deaths"

I had experienced loss before but starting in 2011, I started experiencing numerous deaths of significant people in my life. I started calling it, "Cluster Deaths".  The two most significant and life altering deaths during this time were my Soul connection, Derrick Jackson, and my brother, Michael Murray.  These were my two key JENGA PIECES in my life and my tower came tumbling down after their deaths.


My Soul Connection: Derrick

Derrick's death was violent and unexpected yet I did have a feeling the last time I talked to him that there was a "death energy" around him. I have never used those words before but it was something that overcame me. He also felt that he was going to be killed. When he died, my life was forever altered. I think of my life as "before Derrick's death" and "after Derrick's death".


My Brother: Michael

A little over a year after Derrick's death, my brother died unexpectedly, following a successful surgery. First round of chemo knocked out the tumor. Then his lungs started bleeding out of the blue. He went in for emergency surgery. It was successful. He crashed on Day 2. All vitals were good. It makes no sense. I had a dream with Derrick in it right before Michael died, I felt like he was telling me to brace myself.

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